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2022 EBOOK

Turn Technology Tragedy into Triumph
  • What are the keys to success in implementing new technology?
  • Selecting the right solution?
  • Finding a great project manager?
  • Identifying the right people for the project?

These are all important, but no less so than managing the inevitable change that new technology brings. When left unmanaged, change can be highly disruptive…even destructive. It’s often the culprit when tech projects fail, as up to 70% do, according to Gartner.

What’s the best way to proactively manage change? You could take a course, read a book or get advice from people who have stood where you stand now.

That’s what you’ll find here: expert insights on managing change due to technology implementation from co-authors Leslie Vickrey, Founder & CEO of ClearEdge Marketing, Holly Cohoon, Managing Partner at Regents Consulting Group, and Lauren Jones, Founder & CEO of Leap Consulting Solutions.